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Article: Beatriz Satrústegui

Beatriz Satrústegui

Beatriz Satrústegui

Beatriz Satrústegui is a lawyer by profession and a lover of the art of the table in her free time. Author of the book "Platonic Love: the art of decorating the table."
At home they have always taught us the importance of a well-set table and a couple of Christmases ago they gave us their book to continue learning and inspiring us in every detail.

We spoke with Beatriz about the wonderful world of dressing a table

First of all, we would like to know a little more about you...

Who is Beatriz Satrústegui and how did your passion for setting the table come about?

I am a commercial lawyer who likes to entertain at home by setting the most beautiful table I can. My passion for tables was born – I think like all girls copying my mother who has always set extraordinary tables.

Where do you get inspiration to dress a table?

About anything, the season of the year we are in, the people who come to eat or dine there, the flowers or fruits that are in season... or the last thing I bought!

Our packaging has been a key piece of OTOMI's success. We believe that the first impression is essential to success and that something similar happens with the tables, reflecting the enthusiasm of a host to receive his guests.

Let's talk about the art of dressing a table...

Where to start setting a table? What elements do you think about first and then build the rest?

There is no rule. Normally the first thing I think of is the menu and I build the table around that, but maybe someone comes to dinner who really likes a certain tableware – and I set it for them. or have a special interest in something, and I draw inspiration from that… even the colors of a flag.

Is there something essential that can never be missing from a table?

Good manners with the rest of the diners. Be nice, learn to listen and talk.

How does the environment influence when setting a table? And the menu you have in mind?

The environment has a lot of influence, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere where the light is good and everything is beautiful and your guests feel comfortable and at ease. The menu influences me to know what to put on the table (flat plate, soup bowl, cup of broth) and I decide it so that it is easy to serve without having to get up from the table many times, so that I can also have a good time and participate in the conversation.

When it comes to mixing glasses, cutlery, plates, materials, textures, colors... what counts and what doesn't?

With good taste and a good hand, almost anything is worth it. Although mixing thin glass with thick glass does not usually work well and neither does mixing earthenware with a white background with porcelain (they are very different whites and kill each other). Contrasts of textures work well, rough wood with smooth and shiny porcelain, straw with glass, etc.

What are your favorite elements to decorate a table? How do you recommend combining and arranging them?

To decorate a table, things without "utility" are essential, not so much useful things like plates, glasses or cutlery, but flowers, candles, pretty objects, sculptures... whatever you have lying around.

The mistake that is made the most? What do you consider a resounding no?

Not spending enough time doing things with care: smoothing the tablecloth well, placing everything in a row, straight, orderly, ironing the napkins well, making sure the glasses are very clean. Only with cleanliness and order can you achieve a very dignified base.

I don't have a resounding "nos." What is a "no" today can be a "yes" tomorrow if done with grace and good taste. I have personal tastes, but I wouldn't think of imposing them on anyone.

At OTOMI we seek to recover the enthusiasm for gifts and appreciation of details, facilitating the process of searching and selecting the perfect gift for each occasion.

What detail would you bring as a gift as a guest to a house?

Something that I know the hostess (or host) likes if I know them, if not a scented candle that everyone likes and is always useful, or maybe a jug, or some cocktail napkins... something for the house, never personal if you don't know well the tastes of the person who invited you.

For those who are starting to enter this world...

What would be your best advice?

Experiment but also be critical of yourself: take photos and look at your tables. Can they be improved? Well, improve them!

What are the basic/essential ones to invest in? If you could only have one tableware, which one would you choose?

The basics are a good white tablecloth – the best you can afford – some tableware that you will not get tired of (blue and white? flowers? white with a colored edge or edge?) and that is can mix relatively well with others, and cutlery that looks elegant but can be put in the dishwasher. Just a set of dishes? A white one for me to paint!

An example/style of table that you can't fail with

Floral tables work great, white tablecloth, floral tableware, napkins in a bold fabric, a good flower centerpiece and candles in two different colors taken from the tableware. Or table with a white tablecloth, blue and white tableware, blue and white striped napkins and yellow flowers.

What trends do you think are going to be on the tables in 2024?

I think there are more and more fun textiles and perhaps the issue goes there... because of the mixes of napkins, tablecloths and placemats in different prints. There is also a return to artisanal, handmade dishes and natural fibers.


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