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Sold outManarola Rectangular Green TrayManarola Rectangular Green Tray
Manarola Rectangular Blue TrayManarola Rectangular Blue Tray
Manarola Round Blue TrayManarola Round Blue Tray
Manarola Round Blue Tray Sale price€36,00
bestsellerSold outManarola Round Green TrayManarola Round Green Tray
Manarola Round Green Tray Sale price€36,00
Manarola Round Gray TrayManarola Round Gray Tray
Manarola Round Gray Tray Sale price€36,00
Manarola Rectangular Gray TrayManarola Rectangular Gray Tray
Green Pearls VaseGreen Pearls Vase
Green Pearls Vase Sale price€29,00
cheese markerscheese markers
cheese markers Sale price€24,00
Green Antoniette BagGreen Antoniette Bag
Green Antoniette Bag Sale price€62,00
Peas Salt and Pepper ShakerPeas Salt and Pepper Shaker
Peas Salt and Pepper Shaker Sale price€29,50
Antoniette Strawberry BagAntoniette Strawberry Bag
Antoniette Strawberry Bag Sale price€62,00
Blue Antoniette BagBlue Antoniette Bag
Blue Antoniette Bag Sale price€62,00
Large Striped CarrycotLarge Striped Carrycot
Large Striped Carrycot Sale price€36,00
Small Striped CarrycotSmall Striped Carrycot
Small Striped Carrycot Sale price€29,00
Best SellerLemon Ceramic JugLemon Ceramic Jug
Lemon Ceramic Jug Sale price€62,00
Orange Ceramic JugOrange Ceramic Jug
Orange Ceramic Jug Sale price€62,00
BEST SELLERLemon Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)Lemon Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)
Orange Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)Orange Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)
Large Green Striped BowlLarge Green Striped Bowl
Large Green Striped Bowl Sale price€65,00
Small Green Striped BowlSmall Green Striped Bowl
Small Green Striped Bowl Sale price€26,00
Colored Soft Drinks Glasses (Set of 6)Colored Soft Drinks Glasses (Set of 6)
Best SellerRound Dark Wooden Serving BoardRound Dark Wooden Serving Board
Blue Pearls Glass Bread PlateBlue Pearls Glass Bread Plate
Wicker Tray HandlesWicker Tray Handles
Wicker Tray Handles Sale price€69,00
Multicolor Basket Scented CandleMulticolor Basket Scented Candle

2 colors available

Striped Raffia Rectangular Placemats (Set of 4)Striped Raffia Rectangular Placemats (Set of 4)
Drops Kids UmbrellaDrops Kids Umbrella
Drops Kids Umbrella Sale price€20,00

4 colors available

Medium Amber & Sandalwood CandleMedium Amber & Sandalwood Candle
Small Amber & Sandalwood CandleSmall Amber & Sandalwood Candle
Reed Diffuser Amber & SandalwoodReed Diffuser Amber & Sandalwood
Mollá Amber & Sandalwood Mini CandleMollá Amber & Sandalwood Mini Candle
Small Tuberose & Jasmine CandleSmall Tuberose & Jasmine Candle
bestsellerMedium Tuberose & Jasmine CandleMedium Tuberose & Jasmine Candle
Reed Diffuser Tuberose & JasmineReed Diffuser Tuberose & Jasmine
Mini Candle Cerería Mollá Bergamotto di CalabriaMini Candle Cerería Mollá Bergamotto di Calabria
Large Mosaic BowlLarge Mosaic Bowl
Large Mosaic Bowl Sale price€35,00
Mosaic Mugs SetMosaic Mugs Set
Mosaic Mugs Set Sale price€64,00
Honey Polycarbonate Glasses (Set of 6)Honey Polycarbonate Glasses (Set of 6)
Green Spikes Water Glasses (Set of 6)Green Spikes Water Glasses (Set of 6)
Green Spikes Wine Glasses (Set of 6)Green Spikes Wine Glasses (Set of 6)
Wood and Steel Serving CutleryWood and Steel Serving Cutlery
Medium Wooden Serving BoardMedium Wooden Serving Board
Medium Wooden Serving Board Sale price€42,00
Cheese Knives (Set of 2)Cheese Knives (Set of 2)
Cheese Knives (Set of 2) Sale price€19,00
Metallic Electric CorkscrewSacacorchos Eléctrico Metálico
Metallic Electric Corkscrew Sale price€29,00
Anti-Drip SheetsAnti-Drip Sheets
Anti-Drip Sheets Sale price€6,00
Chill StickChill Stick
Chill Stick Sale price€29,50
Wine Vacuum Pump StopperWine Vacuum Pump Stopper
Wine Vacuum Pump Stopper Sale price€7,00

2 colors available

Cava StopperCava Stopper
Cava Stopper Sale price€10,00