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Bowls and Salad Bowls

Discover our selection of bowls and containers to serve snacks and meals

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Save 10%Large Green Striped BowlLarge Green Striped Bowl
Large Green Striped Bowl Sale price€58,50 Regular price€65,00
best sellerSave 10%Small Green Striped BowlSmall Green Striped Bowl
Small Green Striped Bowl Sale price€23,40 Regular price€26,00
Sold outGreen Cabbage Salad BowlGreen Cabbage Salad Bowl
Green Cabbage Salad Bowl Sale price€51,00
Save 10%Medium Green Cabbage BowlMedium Green Cabbage Bowl
Medium Green Cabbage Bowl Sale price€18,90 Regular price€21,00
Save 10%Small Green Cabbage BowlSmall Green Cabbage Bowl
Small Green Cabbage Bowl Sale price€13,95 Regular price€15,50
Sold outSave 10%Olives Salad BowlOlives Salad Bowl
Olives Salad Bowl Sale price€85,50 Regular price€95,00
Save 10%Large Olives BowlLarge Olives Bowl
Large Olives Bowl Sale price€51,30 Regular price€57,00
Save 10%Small Olives BowlSmall Olives Bowl
Small Olives Bowl Sale price€30,60 Regular price€34,00
Large Pearl BowlLarge Pearl Bowl
Large Pearl Bowl Sale price€25,00
bestsellerMedium Pearl BowlMedium Pearl Bowl
Medium Pearl Bowl Sale price€9,00
Small Pearl BowlSmall Pearl Bowl
Small Pearl Bowl Sale price€8,00
Save 10%Large Mosaic BowlLarge Mosaic Bowl
Large Mosaic Bowl Sale price€31,50 Regular price€35,00
Save 10%Small Mosaic Bowls SetSmall Mosaic Bowls Set
Small Mosaic Bowls Set Sale price€32,40 Regular price€36,00
Save 30%Blue Pearl BowlBlue Pearl Bowl
Blue Pearl Bowl Sale price€14,70 Regular price€21,00
Save 10%Medium Bowl LettuceMedium Bowl Lettuce
Medium Bowl Lettuce Sale price€17,55 Regular price€19,50