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Article: Where to store blankets at home

Dónde guardar las mantas en casa

Where to store blankets at home

A cold and rainy afternoon. Few better plans come to mind than stretching out on the couch with a good movie and a blanket covering us from head to toe.

Moments like this make blankets an essential accessory in a home. In addition to its great usefulness, it can be a very important decorative element, which places it in one of the top 10 gifts for weddings/housewarmings. In this post we will see where we can store them to get the most out of them.

The living room is the star room to have blankets, we can have a basket or magazine rack that we will place next to the sofa and keep the blankets rolled up on themselves or we can leave the blanket on the armrest of the sofa. While we can have the first option all year round, the latter is better limited to the winter season, because in summer no one wants to have a blanket nearby.

Khaki blanket on sofa

Another option, which we love in winter, is to place the blanket at the foot of the bed, covering its entire width and letting it fall over the edge. Not only does the color contrast between the blanket and the sheets look good, but we can also use it on a very cold night.

All of these options (and other ones you can think of) will provide more warmth to your rooms and make your house a home. Sometimes, even if it's not your house, just looking at the blanket makes you want to lie down!


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