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Spring-Summer 2024

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Bolso RafiaBolso Rafia
Bolso Rafia
Sale price€114,00
BEST SELLERLemon Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)Lemon Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)
bestsellerLemon Ceramic JugLemon Ceramic Jug
Lemon Ceramic Jug
Sale price€62,00
SILKO Green and Red Eagles ScarfSILKO Green and Red Eagles Scarf
Bolsa Multiusos Rayas Roja/VerdeBolsa Multiusos Rayas Roja/Verde
Bolsa Multiusos Rayas Roja/Verde
Sale price€38,00
Medium Bowl LettuceMedium Bowl Lettuce
Medium Bowl Lettuce
Sale price€19,50
best sellerSold outSmall Striped CarrycotSmall Striped Carrycot
Small Striped Carrycot
Sale price€29,00
Blue Antoniette BagBlue Antoniette Bag
Blue Antoniette Bag
Sale price€62,00
Lettuce PlateLettuce Plate
Lettuce Plate
Sale price€24,00
Bolsa Multiusos Rayas Azul/AmarilloBolsa Multiusos Rayas Azul/Amarillo
Bolsa Multiusos Rayas Azul/Amarillo
Sale price€38,00
William Morris Willow Bough Round TrayWilliam Morris Willow Bough Round Tray
William Morris Willow Bough Bread Plate (Set of 4)William Morris Willow Bough Bread Plate (Set of 4)
Blue Beach Towel BagBlue Beach Towel Bag
Blue Beach Towel Bag
Sale price€48,50
Large Orange and Blue Striped Toiletry BagLarge Orange and Blue Striped Toiletry Bag
Striped Raffia Rectangular Placemats (Set of 4)Striped Raffia Rectangular Placemats (Set of 4)
Banana CenterpieceBanana Centerpiece
Banana Centerpiece
Sale price€99,50
bestsellerRound Dark Wooden Serving BoardRound Dark Wooden Serving Board
Tall Blue and Ocher VaseTall Blue and Ocher Vase
Tall Blue and Ocher Vase
Sale price€62,50
best sellerPepper ShakerPepper Shaker
Pepper Shaker
Sale price€18,50
William Morris Strawberry Thief Bread Plate (Set of 4)William Morris Strawberry Thief Bread Plate (Set of 4)
William Morris Strawberry Thief Round TrayWilliam Morris Strawberry Thief Round Tray
Orange Striped Beach TowelOrange Striped Beach Towel
Orange Striped Beach Towel
Sale price€25,00
Sold outTurquoise Striped Beach TowelTurquoise Striped Beach Towel
Navy Blue Striped Beach TowelNavy Blue Striped Beach Towel
best sellerBlue and Green Striped Square Toiletry BagBlue and Green Striped Square Toiletry Bag
Orange and Blue Striped Square Toiletry BagOrange and Blue Striped Square Toiletry Bag
Whale Plates (Set of 3)Whale Plates (Set of 3)
Whale Plates (Set of 3)
Sale price€43,00
Large Blue and Green Striped Toiletry BagLarge Blue and Green Striped Toiletry Bag
Green Towel Beach BagGreen Towel Beach Bag
Green Towel Beach Bag
Sale price€48,50
Blue Linen Beach BagBlue Linen Beach Bag
Blue Linen Beach Bag
Sale price€36,00
best sellerGreen Linen Beach BagGreen Linen Beach Bag
Green Linen Beach Bag
Sale price€36,00
Blue Honeycomb TowelBlue Honeycomb Towel
Blue Honeycomb Towel
Sale price€37,00
Green Honeycomb TowelGreen Honeycomb Towel
Green Honeycomb Towel
Sale price€37,00
Amber Polycarbonate Ice BucketAmber Polycarbonate Ice Bucket
Red Polycarbonate Ice BucketRed Polycarbonate Ice Bucket
Red Polycarbonate Ice Bucket
Sale price€36,00
Blue Polycarbonate Ice BucketBlue Polycarbonate Ice Bucket
Amber Polycarbonate BottleAmber Polycarbonate Bottle
Amber Polycarbonate Bottle
Sale price€33,00
Blue Polycarbonate BottleBlue Polycarbonate Bottle
Blue Polycarbonate Bottle
Sale price€33,00
Red Polycarbonate BottleRed Polycarbonate Bottle
Red Polycarbonate Bottle
Sale price€33,00
Sold outSILKO Pink and Blue Eagles ScarfSILKO Pink and Blue Eagles Scarf
SILKO Black and Turquoise Eagles ScarfSILKO Black and Turquoise Eagles Scarf
Multicolor Basket Scented CandleMulticolor Basket Scented Candle

2 colors available

Wicker Tray HandlesWicker Tray Handles
Wicker Tray Handles
Sale price€69,00
Blue Pearls Glass Bread PlateBlue Pearls Glass Bread Plate
Colored Soft Drinks Glasses (Set of 6)Colored Soft Drinks Glasses (Set of 6)
best sellerSmall Green Striped BowlSmall Green Striped Bowl
Small Green Striped Bowl
Sale price€26,00
Large Green Striped BowlLarge Green Striped Bowl
Large Green Striped Bowl
Sale price€65,00
Orange Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)Orange Ceramic Plates (Set of 4)