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Article: Christmas tree

El árbol de Navidad

Christmas tree

The decision to set up the Christmas tree in each house has great significance because, apart from providing time to spend with family, it means the arrival of Christmas in our homes. It is true, the arrival of the tree has always implied the arrival of the Christmas spirit, of carols, of the nativity and of the joy that so characterizes this beautiful time.

It is common for us to take advantage of the time that these long weekend days give us to dust off the tree and set it up or go down to a Christmas market in our city to buy a natural one. Therefore, we bring you some tricks and curiosities about this very special event.

The Christmas tree, for Christians, represents the tree of life. In fact, the balls are red because apples were previously hung, and they also represent the blood of the cross, which is the tree.

Decorating a Christmas tree and not failing in the attempt is very simple. The essential basic in every tree are lights. Buy good ones that will last you all the years, we assure you that they never go out of style. In addition to the lights, add balls and/or bows. You can decide the color depending on what you like, but the Christmas classics are: gold, silver and red. You can add and/or alternate with the balls other Christmas shapes such as stars, or anything that might appeal to you. Finally, buy a piece of fabric to cover the base of the tree. It seems silly but believe us, it can be the difference between a decent tree and a very elegant tree.


Regardless of the decoration you decide on, our great recommendation to enjoy this special moment is to accompany this tradition with a playlist of Christmas carols to fill your home with the Christmas spirit. We leave you the link of one that we love:


And we cannot forget the most important thing: turning the assembly of the tree into a family tradition in which everyone participates, because what has been prepared with love always turns out much more beautiful :)


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