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Article: Ideas for Father's Day Vol.1

Ideas para el día del padre Vol.1

Ideas for Father's Day Vol.1

There's nothing like the look on a person's face when they receive a gift they're really excited about. The smile of satisfaction along with the pride of the person who prepares the gift for knowing that he or she has made the right decision, turns that apparent “delivery of a package” into a magical moment. And if, furthermore, the gift is from a son to a father, the latter's look is even more endearing: "What a proud son!" he will think to himself.

Well, as March 19 - Father's Day - is approaching and at OTOMI we really want to see scenes like these, in this first volume we bring you a series of proposals so that success is almost assured:


If your father is a dynamite person, so restless that he can't sit on the couch for long and prefers to go on an excursion or plans with family and friends, we bring you the two best options:

- Picnic backpack:

Practical and functional, it has everything you need for a picnic for 4 people. It also has a large insulated compartment, an additional insulated pocket on the side of the bag, a compartment for keys and phone and a side pocket specially designed to carry a tablecloth. It couldn't be more complete!

picnic backpack

- Outdoor lamp:

Its rust color matches all tables. It is wireless, rechargeable and waterproof. The perfect gift to brighten those long summer nights!

Rust outdoor lamp



If your father is a calm and thoughtful person, who likes to read a good book, enjoy a good movie or long conversations at home, we suggest the following gifts:

- Cashmere and wool blanket:

This high-quality two-tone blanket is the gift “for life.” You can personalize it with your father's initials!

- Candles and Mikado Amber & Sandalwood:

Candles in 3 different sizes and Mikado of the same scent. It is a fresh fragrance, combining citrus notes, with a sweet smell and a light touch of wood. We haven't found a candle that screams the word “home” more than this one!

Amber & Sandalwood Candles


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